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Praesent scelerisque egestas nisl. Aliquam at tortor sed velit mollis pellentesque. [Apr. 16th, 2007|10:39 pm]
Proin eros massa, rhoncus et, euismod eu, facilisis at, eros.
Praesent ac dolor id ligula mollis scelerisque. Nulla facilisi.
Suspendisse ornare, dolor sed sollicitudin volutpat, erat lorem tempus
purus, nec auctor felis dui sit amet diam. Integer non erat. In sed
sem. Integer semper, diam et nonummy sollicitudin, ipsum sem malesuada
ligula, et porta diam nulla interdum diam. Ut non est. Ut tortor
tortor, fringilla a, commodo in, aliquet eu, lorem. Nulla purus nisi,
laoreet vel, elementum nec, varius ac, libero. Mauris auctor.

In lectus. Cras viverra convallis libero. Etiam imperdiet lorem
egestas ante. Curabitur tempus hendrerit nibh. Suspendisse auctor.
Suspendisse vel odio convallis nunc fermentum ultrices. Vivamus
condimentum, mauris consectetuer pharetra porttitor, ligula nunc
commodo purus, non tincidunt sem odio non pede. Praesent lacus. Ut sed
pede sed neque interdum sodales. Nullam ac ligula. Duis consequat
lobortis sem. Mauris quis mauris eu diam rutrum varius. Sed a pede vel
dui tempus sollicitudin. Donec tincidunt vestibulum enim. Fusce ornare
ipsum laoreet dolor. Nulla ut odio ac dui vestibulum lobortis.

Sed tincidunt sem et velit. In commodo erat gravida libero. Nullam
tempus, orci sed egestas feugiat, tortor est vestibulum velit, ut
lobortis massa ipsum sit amet ipsum. Nulla eu libero. Maecenas dapibus
vehicula dui. Nullam odio turpis, scelerisque viverra, elementum ut,
suscipit eu, justo. Etiam pede. Aenean pellentesque. Phasellus mattis.
Pellentesque sem. Integer et lacus. Donec eu justo. Mauris consectetuer
orci a diam.

Tags: Crime | attribution | commons | Creative | test

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Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women [Aug. 25th, 2006|03:01 pm]

All across the world a pandemic has stricken our fine canine friends. They are being turned into metro-Barbie dogs at unprecedented rates. Typically I’m not one to decry a person’s freedom of expression, but the time does arise when we should stick up for those with less power and ability.

An alarming trend has occurred as stores nationwide are carrying a new line of “Puppypurses” along with the old standard Dolce and Gabbana handbags. If you go to a strip mall you may see one Paris Hilton, or her clone army, slinking pet kinkajous in these things.


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Fire in the Hole Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women Manhood Of Chihuahuas Taken By Rich Women
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Groups urge FBI to target hotel room porn [Aug. 25th, 2006|01:55 pm]

Pornographic movies available in the rooms of some of America's best known hotel chains have caught the attention of conservative activists.

A coalition of 13 conservative groups -- including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America -- took out full-page ads this month urging the Justice Department and FBI to investigate whether some of the pay-per-view movies widely available in hotels violate federal and state obscenity laws.

Activists chose to target the hotel industry in part because of the well-known brands of corporations that cater to family vacationers.


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test DSCN0165.JPG Fire in the Hole IMG_1787 asian wall thingy Groups urge FBI to target hotel room porn Groups urge FBI to target hotel room porn
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EchoStar Gets Temporary Reprieve On Tivo DVR Injunction [Aug. 18th, 2006|11:20 am]

A ruling to stop the sale of digital video recorders by EchoStar Communications yesterday was temporarily blocked this morning by a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Englewood, Colorado-based EchoStar said this morning that the US District Court of the Eastern District of Texas has temporarily blocked the permanent injunction against the company in its patent case against EchoStar. A court yesterday had ordered EchoStar to halt the use and sale of digital video recorders that it said infringed on DVRs from California-based Tivo. Echostar said that it believes the Texas decision was wrong, and that it should be reversed on appeal. The stay is in effect temporarily to decide whether a stay should or should not be in effect for the duration of the appeals process. EchoStar was also ordered to pay $90M to Tivo as part of the Thursday ruling. Tivo first sued EchoStar over its DVR patent in January of 2004.


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Tags: Reprieve | temporarily | Ruling | Patent | INJUNCTION | blocked | TiVo | Texas | Englewood | EchoStar | dvr | court

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Lebanon: A Critical Battle for New Middle East [Aug. 18th, 2006|10:39 am]

Using the July 12 capture of two Israeli soldiers -- whose unit had apparently crossed the Israeli border into Lebanon -- as a pretext, the Bush administration quickly sprung into action: imagining yet a new Middle East, where democracy and freedom reigns over militancy and oppression.

Since the neoconservative takeover of America's foreign policies, it has become apparent that the neo-cons do not operate with such impulsiveness. The plan for a new Middle East was introduced as early as 1992 by then less-influential neoconservative elements. Those ideals were accentuated in 1996 by Richard Perle and company, then advising Israel's Prime Minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Tags: Soldiers | neoconservative | neo-cons | Militancy | freedom | democracy | Lebanon | ISRAELI | critical | Bush | battle | America

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Cleared FBI Agent Sues Home Depot For Accusation [Aug. 17th, 2006|02:11 pm]

A former FBI agent acquitted of shoplifting is suing Home Depot, accusing the company of ruining his career and reputation.

Thomas M. Jobes, 52, of Rumson, was detained at the store in May after being accused of failing to pay for a 4-foot-long piece of wire.


Jobes had worked for the FBI for 26 years, including on a high-profile corruption investigation that led to charges against more than two dozen developers and public officials in Monmouth County.


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Tags: Agent | accused | sues | Home Depot

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Lieberman and Lamont Camps Bicker Over Web Site Crash [Aug. 8th, 2006|05:03 pm]

blame someone else?? that's just bad karma, dude...

The final hours of the primary campaign between Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
and his challenger, Ned Lamont, were consumed by an angry dispute over
assertions that Lamont supporters had crashed the Lieberman campaign
Web site and disrupted its internal communications network.

people who vote don't read silly! here's my multiline/multi paragraph quote to prove it:

The clash came today as voters turned out in strong numbers to
decide a contest that had become, in many ways, a referendum on Mr.
Lieberman’s staunch defense of the Iraq war, an issue that had focused
national attention on the race and galvanized antiwar Democrats and many opponents of President Bush into supporting Mr. Lamont.

Based on reports from polling stations, the state was on track to break
its previous record for turnout in a statewide primary, which was 38.8
percent in the 1970 Senate race. State officials said turnout could be
as high as 45 or even 50 percent.[\q]

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Tags: web site | blame game | crash | lieberman

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Apple Completes Transition to Intel Chips [Aug. 8th, 2006|04:46 pm]
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 7 — Apple Computer announced on Monday that it had
completed a swift transition to computers based entirely on Intel

Steven Jobs spoke at Apple’s conference for developers about its new operating system, Leopard.

The latest desktop computer, a $2,499 machine called the Mac Pro
that will succeed the Power Mac in Apple’s lineup, is the last of its
computers to make the switch to the Intel architecture.

The announcement came at the start of an annual conference for 4,000 developers of Apple-compatible hardware and software.

In an interview, Apple’s chairman, Steven P. Jobs, called the
transition “the best and smoothest one we’ve ever seen in the whole
history of the industry.”
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Tags: transition | processors | announced | Intel | apple | San Francisco | Computer

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testing blogclient [Aug. 8th, 2006|04:32 pm]
The Arab League is making a formal bid at the UN to secure changes to a draft Israel-Hezbollah ceasefire resolution.

The delegation wants to add demands for an Israeli
pullout from Lebanon. But France and the US, which thrashed out the
text, do not want major changes.

A UN vote on the resolution is expected on Wednesday at the earliest.

In continuing violence, Hezbollah fired dozens more
rockets at Israel, while an Israeli strike killed 13 villagers as
funerals for earlier victims were held.

The strike, on the southern village of Ghaziyeh, also left about two dozen people injured, local officials said.

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i think it's time to cut ya off... [Aug. 8th, 2006|04:22 pm]
drinking and Ryan's...
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